Creative Sales Specialists - Contact us for your 3D software and hardware needs

Multiblue supplies a range of 3D Software products to content producing businesses in South Africa. We specialise in providing top quality software and hardware solutions to a variety of creative companies and individuals operating in the Media and Entertainment, Architecture, Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction arenas. 

Multiblue’s portfolio consist of 3D modeling software, 3D rendering software, 3D sculpting software, digital movie cameras, video editing software and video editing hardware and compositing products.  

Among our product list are Autodesk software, ZBrush® sculpting tools, Keyshot 3D rendering software, Adobe, Blackmagic video cameras and Blackmagic video editing software and hardware.

We stay up to date with the latest industry tools and techniques. Multibue attend specialized shows and conferences such as IBC and SIGGRAPH, therefore bringing the latest technology in design products to our South African customers.

We understand our customers’ workflow needs and know which solutions would be the best fit for clients. Our sales staff are extensively trained in our products, enabling Multiblue to provide appropriate local support for each sale we complete. Emphasis is placed on after sales support, from basic installation troubleshooting to more technical assistance